Our team

Our team

Imre Csordás
Managing Director
Péter Kerek
Deputy Managing Director, Strategy

Szilvia Merkert
Deputy Managing Director, Finance

Erzsébet Pusztai
Deputy Managing Director, Operations

Zsófia Kerényi
Procurement Director

Györgyi Balázs
HR Director

László Csapó
Business Development Director

Gábor Maráczi
Development Director
Richárd Veres
Maintenance Director
Ferenc Balázs
Food & Beverage Director
Bálint Merkli
Head of Marketing 
Gábor Horváth
Head of Revenue 
Rózsa Szomor
Chief accountant


If you have any questions do not hesitate to write us:

Head Quater Office info@accenthotels.com
Accent Welcome Back Card loyalty@accenthotels.com
Events & Conferences events@accenthotels.com

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